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Meet Brandon and Ieshia

Founders of Bracorriah X Beauty


We would like to thank GOD for affording us this platform to encourage people to find their self-confidence despite having scars, blemishes, and other skin conditions. Our story is real and it resonates with a lot of other people. We were not born into a lot of money and we have had our fair share of life choices that remain visible through residual scars. Our message to others would be, scars are indefinite reminders of a historical event and your journey.  Your "full-self" and strength comes from the journey you endure and overcome. Every scar, physical or emotional, has a story, but you are not your scar. Your scar just reminds you of what you have overcome. Your outward appearance and scars can be refined.  Embrace your skin, inner beauty, and journey. Our goal is to help you identify and love your "full-self," while cultivating a brand and products you can trust.  We develop authentic, quality, cosmetic solutions for our customers. Our promise to you is we will always release products we believe in and can stand by.

The Bracorriah X Beauty Brand

Bracorriah X Beauty was developed after multiple c-sections and at a time when I, Ieshia, was desperate to find skincare products in preparation for a pending surgery that I knew would leave a large scar. Like many others, I faced several challenges with finding products that would support my recovery. I found myself purchasing a never ending list of creams, oils, vitamins, supplements,  wound dressings, and more. Before I knew it, I ended up spending a lot of money, and still was not satisfied. I recalled struggling to get silicone sheets to stick to my scars because of the oils and creams that I applied prior.  This was the moment I remembered my childhood skin issues and the challenges in finding quality products that work and encompass all of my skincare needs. In considering the birth of Bracorriah X Beauty, I recalled how as a child, my parents would frequently carry me 2 and a half hours away from our home in hopes of finding treatment options for a skin condition that made me stop wearing open-toe shoes for a while. In addition to this, I remembered the names the other kids would call me because of my skin condition. As a family that have people with unique skin characteristics, scars, and blemishes, we understand what it feels like to aimlessly seek treatments to no avail.  Bracorriah X Beauty was created for all those people with extensive, must have, skincare and cosmetic needs.  Bracorriah X  Beauty was created for people who feel like they either have no options, or they have so many options, they become overwhelmed. Our brand caters to all skin types and tones, men and women, people with scars and blemishes, and people who are pending or post-surgery.   The Bracorriah X Beauty brand was created with a mission to provide people with cosmetic options that present real outcomes. We hope that we can empower others to feel good about refining their look and what is defining their existence.  We deliver cosmetic options to real people who seek to find all that they desire and need in one spot, at an affordable price. With persistent attention to my skin care needs, my childhood skin condition was resolved. I am confident that with consistent use, Bracorriah X Beauty products will work for you.  Being a healthcare professional for many years, I now understand what it takes to not only look good but also care for the largest organ you have; your skin. The Bracorriah X Beauty brand will be a game-changer in the world of cosmetics. Stick around to see it come into fruition. 

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